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Dead Sea Minerals

about us

Dan and Paul's mission

To create, distribute and sell the highest quality natural dog shampoos and other such splendid products that always benefit your dogs mind, body or soul. With a continued commitment to source and incorporate natural, wholesome ingredients while keeping our products innovative and fun and to have a great time doing it!

Dan & Paul

Dan & Paul are the guys behind ScruffyChops. They are self confessed dog botherers and started penning the ScruffyChops principles while out on walkies with their loyal pups Cooper and Masie. Cooper has a few skin issues (being a bit of a baldy on his underside) so Dan & Paul set out to create a shampoo that focused on looking after dog's skin.


...runs his own design agency in Kent and when he isn’t colouring things in, or whatever it is a graphic designer does, he can be found wandering the local countryside throwing apples for his tireless companion Cooper.


...is the hair expert and has grown Fish Hair products from a seed. Over the last 20 years Paul has watched Fish blossom into a super-successful brand and is now applying his extensive grooming knowledge to the world of dog shampoo!

Scruffy Chops Natural Mineral Dog Shampoo
Dan & Paul

Scruffy's little helpers


...is Dan's pup, a three year old German Shorthaired Pointer who likes nothing more than acting up and answering back. Dan is pretty sure he read somewhere that GSPs are easy to train and claims whoever wrote that must have been tipsy!

“You wait weeks to find that perfect something to roll in and before you know it they’ve washed it off with ScruffyChops”

Cooper, aged 3


...a 6 year old miniature english bull terrier and Paul's "baby". Masie isn't a big fan of walkies choosing to spend his time snuggling on the sofa between visits to the garden to chase away any birds that have the audacity to land there.

“Nothing beats jumping in the bath with a pouch of ScruffyChops after a hard day chasing my tail and digging up the garden”

Masie, aged 6


...is Cooper's cousin and is fairly new to the whole living thing, being only 6 months old. Kenny is a shih tzu cross french bulldog and does his very best to keep up with his cousins energy levels. Kenny's mummy is a Dead Sea guru and helps us out whenever called upon.

“When out on walkies it’s important to look good and smell good. My secret? ScruffyChops”

Kenny, aged 6 months


...is a friend of the ScruffyChops family and was one of the first dogs to try out our dog shampoo and conditioner (after Dan had tried it on himself of course). Jack is a 2 year old shih tzu and is very "friendly" with Kenny.

“Some dogs are all about the shiny nose, the waggy tail, I like to let my hair do the talking”

Jack, aged 2

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