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Dead Sea Minerals

dead sea minerals

Healthy skin means healthy hair!

When ScruffyChops came across Dead Sea minerals we figured it was long overdue (thousands of years overdue in fact) that mans best friend benefited from this kind of great skin care so we put it in our dog shampoos and conditioner.

Dead Sea minerals offer a solution to many skin conditions through strengthening the skin tissues, maintaining the chemical balance, stimulating blood circulation and eliminating toxins from the skin.

Dead Sea mud and minerals when used on dogs can reduce shedding as it exfoliates their skin and helps dogs with conditions like mange to regenerate the skin. The calming effects of the bromide and other complimentary minerals are greatly beneficial to the general aches, pains and strains of everyday tail chasing and digging!

The 7 key Dead Sea minerals

Magnesium — the anti-stress mineral.
Potassium — the purifying mineral.
Sodium — the hydrating mineral.
Calcium — the healthy skin and coat mineral.
Iodine — the detoxifying mineral.
Sulphur — The healing mineral.
Bromide — The relaxing mineral.

Salt in the Dead Sea