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Dog Shampoo Doggy Massage

doggy massage

It's one thing to regularly wash and condition your pups coat, but a really good way to make sure that the minerals in our dog shampoo and conditioner get absorbed and the key ingredients get worked into the skin is by massaging the product in.

We all know that some dogs will not be very happy to stand still, especially when they are covered in water, but you don’t need to massage for long, nor do you need to be a professional at it. We have put together a few tips on how to use the ScruffyChops dog shampoo and conditioner so you make sure that your dog gets all the brilliant benefits of these fantastic ingredients.

Step 1. Wet your dog all over with warm water.

Step 2. Apply ScruffyChops dog shampoo to your dog's coat, avoiding the eyes and ears, a thin line of ScruffyChops running from the neck along the back to the tail is a good way of ensuring even coverage. The product works great if you rub it in and leave on the coat for two minutes before rinsing, however massaging the shampoo in gives the added benefit of easing muscular aches and pains and provides your dog with the love and attention they deserve! Here's how...

Doggy Massage Step 3

Step 3. Begin by massaging the neck along the sternocephalic muscle and the brachiocephalic muscle with the thumbs and fingers of one hand in a circular motion.

Doggy Massage Step 5

Step 5. Move hands inwards towards the chest and massage the deep pectoral muscles in the same manner.

Step 7. Move hands further down the back and massage in the same manner along the latissimus dorsi and external abdominal obliques.

Doggy Massage Step 3

Step 4. Slowly move your hand down to the omotransverse muscles, triceps muscles, deltoid muscles and massage with both hands, one on either side of the dog and rotate your fingers and hands in a circular motion.

Doggy Massage Step 6

Step 6. Slowly move both hands up to the trapezius and massage in the same manner as before.

Step 8. Move hands further back and in the same manner, massage the gluteals muscle and biceps fermoris muscle.


Step 9. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and follow with the application of the ScruffyChops Muddy Marvellous Conditioner.

Step 10. Massage the conditioner in, in the same manner as before.

Step 11. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a warm fluffy towel.

Thanks to the lovely ladies at spafindskincare.com for their help with the doggy massage!