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We are blown away by all the lovely stuff people have been saying about ScruffyChops dog shampoo and conditioner. If you have something you would like to add then please do by sending us an email using the "just ask" form on the left hand side of the page. We look forward to hearing from you!

"Honey has already been bathed and she smells delicious!! Her fur is incredibly soft and the dry skin patch on her back seems to be nourished well. We all have noticed that her fur is really shiny after using your products.

A big thanks from myself and Honey for the prompt dispatch of our order and for such great products."

Mandy Chatwal and Honey the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

"The Scruffychops products are brilliant, Becky’s coat has never looked or felt so well. I’ll definitely be using them from now on. It made bath time so easy and pleasant for both of us!"

Margaret McKnight and Becky her very own ScruffyChops!

“Great smell... fantastic name... packaging very informative... was tempted to use them myself!”

John McKirdy and Hooch the Boxer

“My dog smelt lovely and he didn’t scratch after”

Wendy Johnson and her Westie

“I always open shampoo’s and smell them before I purchase, your product would definitely have won the smell test”

Bobbie Harman and Misty the West Highland Terrier puppy

“Only needed one wash to make her coat come up white”

Lucy Perry and her Lhasa Apso Shih Tzu cross

“Loved the pouch so easy to apply... Stan was extremely fluffy and his white bits were very white”

Philippa Edwards and Stan the Wire Hair Fox Terrier

“So nice to have a lovely smelling dog shampoo, that the smell lasts is great. Smells better than my shampoo, I’m jealous!”

Hellen Hudson and Copper the Rottweiler Staff cross

“Looked like human shampoo which is good, as other pet shampoos are too thin.”

Guy Harvey and Lou Lou the Smooth Coated Fox Terrier

“Best dog shampoo I have ever used, will definitely be buying again and would recommend ScruffyChops to any doggy lover!”

Anne Simpson and Buster the Yorkshire Terrier

“Very impressed how well it washed off. Other shampoos take ages to rinse off... impressive fragrance, still noticeable after a few days”

Sam Cradduck and Socks the Boxer Bullmastiff cross

“These products sound exciting... smell very fragrant... will definitely use again and again”

Janet Smith and Stanley the short wire haired dog!

"We were really impressed with ScruffyChops...worked great on Biff and left him smelling great!"

Peter Chard and Biff the Border terrier

"Zest in Show turned a smelly boy into a soft, fragrant bundle of joy!"

Lloyd Amsdon and Mr Chips the German Shepherd

"Product is great! Lathers up well and smells delicious!! Phoebe's coat is normally lovely and shiny but I did notice it was really soft after using this product compared to other shampoos I have used. Will definitely be buying more in the future and recommending you!!"

Rachel Hilton and Phoebe the Hungarian Vizsla

"Oooh how lovely" is the first reaction we got when my husband came home from work and Dougal had had a bath with ScruffyChops Rhubarking Mad! Our Spaniel Dougal smells great (so much so I'd almost eat him, let alone the actual product) and his coat is ever so soft, but most of all... he stopped itching and scratching straight away!

Vivian Swart and Dougal the Spaniel

"The shampoo worked great for Bailey’s coat type... He was left fresh, clean and soft to stroke. I loved the smell of the products they were good enough to eat and the dogs smelt lovely for days afterwards. The products we tried today were brilliant..."

Charley, Bailey the Beagle and friends

"I bought your Zest in Show shampoo and Muddy Marvellous Conditioner at Paws in the Park in Sept. I just want to say Thank You! the dogs had their bath the very next day and smelt delicious....I even went round my mums to bath her 2! What a fabulous find and the best thing I bought that day."

Caroline, Jasper and Sam the cavalier king charles spaniels

"Just wanted to say that we love your products. Great website too! We bought the sugar doggy shampoo last time and our two little toy poodles have never looked or smelt so good. It got out all of their mats in their hair. Very pleased and i have spread the word to other friends with poodles. We have the mother of our two pups coming over for a scruffy chops on Sunday! She lives on a farm so she really needs it! Thank you once again."

Amy, Ebony and Mya the Poodles

Natural Mineral Dog Shampoo Testimonials